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We are Root Lab Thailand formerly known as MUSC-Root Lab. Established in 2013, MUSC Root lab Thailand is the first laboratory devoting to below-ground studies in Thailand. Root traits influence the acquisition and transport of water and nutrients, the metabolic cost of root growth and maintenance, the mechanical strength of the root system, and the biotic/abiotic interactions in rhizosphere. A number of experiments have shown significant benefits of root traits under stresses. Despite the high potential for improving crop performance and yield, few studies have been undertaken to characterise crop root systems, identify genetic control, and examine genetic variation and physiological utility of root traits.

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Root Anatomy

The overall research focus of our lab is understanding the genetic and physiological basis of plant roots and rhizosphere including microbes and soil arthropods. We are also interested in exploring potential applications of the knowledge to solve agricultural and environmental problems such as food insecurity and contamination of toxic substances in the environments.

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Our research will provide information and a new tool for targeted crop improvement. In addition, we attempt to establish high-throughput root phenotyping technology, which will benefit plant breeding and facilitate gene discovery for root traits worldwide.